This is your day and your dance is an offering to friends and family. It is an opportunity for them to see you sharing a most special, once in a lifetime moment. You are allowing them to witness the precious, non-verbal moments when you are speaking to each other without making a sound–sharing the beauty of oneness–when he takes her in his arms for the first time as his wife and everything goes silent….

First dance choreography

I design custom choreography for your first dance: Beginning with music choice, dance style, a smooth and elegant entrance, and transitional exit. 

first dance lessons

The number of lessons vary depending on your dance goals, your time availability, and desired dance style. 

first dance packages



starting at


Custom choreography

 I will help you:

Select Music

Pick a Style

Design the flow of Dance

Consider the Venue Space

individualized lessons

Bride / Groom Dances

Father / Daughter Dances

Mother/ Son Dances

Wedding Party Lessons




All First Dance Packages include a free consultation