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Group Lessons

Current Classes on Sundays

I look forward to returning to our group lessons throughout the Mid-South in the coming months. As we begin to safely return to group sessions, we will implement strategies to keep all participants safe. We will be limiting dance partners and utilizing all our available space. 

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Our initial safety measures will include keeping dance partners from rotating partners. Each dance couple will only dance with their partner. We will keep class sizes limited and be sure we are maintaining distancing between couples.



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Private Lessons

Scheduled Individually

Private dance lessons make up the most vital element in a dancer’s training. Private lessons are the fastest and most effective way to learn how to dance. You receive individualized instruction with the instructor’s full attention to focus on your unique instructional needs. Since everyone is different, these private sessions give you the optimum opportunity to improve rapidly. The private lesson allows you to advance quickly as you master each skill set and allows for the meeting of specific needs. Studies show students in private lessons progress four to five times faster than only participating in general classes.

Private lessons are 45 minutes long and scheduled at your convenience with your instructor. You can take these by yourself or with a partner, the cost remains the same. 


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Here are the top 7 benefits of private lessons

1. Lessons are scheduled for your convenience.

2. You can determine what YOU most want to learn.

3. Lessons are paced according to your learning style and need. Go at your pace.

4. You can take private lessons with or without a partner.

5. You technique can be instantly improved and corrected. Avoiding developing bad habits that need to be unlearned.

6. You have the “privacy” of a private lesson. Some people feel anxious in a group setting because they fear doing something wrong in front of others. While our group classes are safe spaces for learning and making mistakes is the learning process, some are intimidated by it.

7. Private dance lessons are the most efficient way to dance mastery.

Private Lessons $75

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