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You may have a few questions about getting started with ballroom dance lessons. For your convenience, this page is dedicated to answering the most common questions asked by new dancers. Please feel free to browse these FAQs, and if I can be of any further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact me.  I would love to meet you and assure you that YourDanceLife.com, has everything you need to help you feel welcome and at ease as you begin you ballroom dancing journey. Your first step at YourDanceLife.com is the first step of the rest of your ballroom dance life. And so, it is my goal to make sure that you feel welcome and comfortable as you take those first important steps towards your dancing future. Come join in the FUN and become a part of our friendly dance family. 


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Why should I choose YourDanceLife.com?

There are many reasons that YourDanceLife.com is the number one choice for your ballroom dance journey. First and foremost, our excellence in ballroom dance instruction. The system I use is based on 30 years of personal teaching experience. I offer private instruction and group classes as well as social dancing practice parties as varied learning environments to increase your skill level in a short amount of time. I have crafted a FUN and easy cirriculum that is universal and simple to understand thereby creating confidence in your learning experience from your very first lesson. YouDanceLife.com offers many exciting benefits in the world of ballroom dance. The newest addition is our online learning center for both private instruction and group classes. Last but certainly not least, YourDanceLife.com is dedicated to helping you discover the joy of ballroom dancing! Every aspect of your dance education is specifically geared towards your needs and dance goals. 

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How do I get started?

YourDanceLife offers every first time dance student an Introductory Dance Package! Click on the link “Introductory Dance Package” and submit the form and I’ll call you ASAP to schedule your first lesson.

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What is the cost of lessons?

I offer special introductory offers to new students. The prices vary for the various lessons and programs that are designed to fit different levels. You can come to a Friday night group lesson at Whiskey Jacks for as little as a $5 cover charge, to a beginner class in Jackson for $10, and to various private lessons determined by length and level. 

What types of dance to you teach?

I teach all types of social ballroom / partner dance. My classes focus on one of the dances for a set period of time, and then we rotate to focus on another type of dance. Waltz, Tango, Cha Cha, Foxtrot, West Coast and East Coast Swing among others. 

What if I don't have a partner?

Under normal circumstances you most definitely don’t need to have a partner. Singles and couples are welcomed and encouraged to join my classes and lessons. With our precautions for Covid-19, our group classes are not rotating partners. It is best if you have someone you can bring and share your lesson with. As we return to more normal protocols, if you come as a single student, the instructor will be your dance partner for private lessons, and at my group classes we follow the social protocol of ballroom dance and provide lots of opportunities to meet and dance with other students. 

How often should I take a lesson?

Many of my students take classes weekly. I recommend short periods between lessons, particularly at the beginning of your dance life. This ensures that you get enough repetition to retain all the things you have learned. A group lesson coupled with a private lesson will accelerate your learning in the beginning. 

What is a private lesson?

A private lesson consists of one student or couple working with an instructor. The private lesson is tailored to your individual needs. The private lesson will be paced according to your need. Private lessons may also precede a group lesson. Private lessons are by appointment only and are scheduled during my business schedule usually by calling me directly. 

What is a group lesson?

Group lessons consist of several students learning from one dance instructor. Group lessons focus on multiple topics from form and frame, to balance and technique, to the specifics of individual dances and dance sequences. The group class setting has lots of energy and fun. We are open and allow each other to learn and practice together. The group environment encourages and accelerates the learning process. Ballroom dance is a social dance and, therefore, learning it in a group setting is a perfect compliment to the discipline.  

How should I dress from my lesson?

The style of clothing for a lesson is of less importance than your shoes. Some come from work to a lesson and are dressed accordingly. Others come in casual clothes. Either will be fine. Wear comfortable shoes that will allow you to move easily. For men, I suggest leather soled shoes. For ladies, you will want a shoe with a back (the kind you would wear to go dancing!). Athletic shoes are designed for running and to grip the floor and so do not work well for dance. They will make it more difficult to more your foot smoothly across the floor. 

Is it hard to learn ballroom dance?

It’s not difficult to learn and you will be dancing from your very first lesson. I teach progressively and have trained hundreds of beginning dancers to become very advanced dancers. I have a system of teaching that will give you terrific success from the very beginning and continually challenge you to go further in your progress. The learning is fun- and you will become a very confident dancer from the very beginning. 

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