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Welcome to YourDanceLife.com! I am thrilled you are here to experience the beauty and fun of ballroom dancing. No matter your age or experience, I have a class for you.

“The hallmark of successful people is that they are always stretching themselves to learn new things.” — Carol S. Dweck

Hi, I’m Desiree.

With the right instructor, you will quickly develop a set of skills that will get you dancing in your first lesson. I have decades of experience helping beginning dancers develop into experienced, confident dancers in a variety of ballroom styles. Try a free group class to get started.

the first dance

Wedding Dance Lessons
Desiree choreographs beautiful first dance routines for couples and can teach you all the steps… No ballroom dance experience needed. Contact her today to find out more.
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Weekly group lessons for beginning and intermediate level dancers


Private lesson with individuals or couples will help you get the personalized coaching to rapidly improve your dancing.


Several times a year I teach workshops on specific dances. Most workshops are accessible for beginners by covering basics and give more advanced instruction for seasoned dancers as well.

Classes & Workshops

I am available for booking throughout the Mid-South: Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas.

My classes and workshops are geared to all levels of experience. I have beginning classes and classes for seasoned dancers.

Dance is a lifelong pursuit and passion of mine. I am excited to teach dancers from every level and at every stage of life. Students still in school through seniors adults take up dance for the first time for fun, for a challenge, for health, and for the relationships it builds. Ballroom dance is the perfect activity for anyone who enjoys learning, music, socializing, and challenging themselves. It's simple enough to begin dancing in your very first lesson and complicated enough to engage a lifetime of learning.

Don’t hesitate any longer. Try something you have always wanted to try. Find out all the benefits of dance.

Take Your First Class for FREE!

Come experience a ballroom dance class for FREE. Also when you sign up, you’ll receive a beginners dance quick start guide. This guide will answer some basic questions and give you some information to start off on the right foot. Begin your dance life today…

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